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Hello dear. Can you help me? I don't have much space at home and I don't go to the gym. What are simple strength workouts that I can do with no equipment and very little space? And would running be a good enough cardio to go with it? Thanks lovely!:)
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Here are some good suggestions :)xx

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10 Rules of Good Studying

Excerpted from A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel in Math and Science (Even if You Flunked Algebra), by Barbara Oakley, Penguin, July, 2014

1. Use recall.After you read a page, look away and recall the main ideas. Highlight very little, and never highlight…

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I’m so stressed this week. I just keep getting all these things to do and papers to finish and my Cambridge CAE exam is this weekend and I still have to study for my resit of biochem exams so I’ll be a bit slow this week, sorry guys, I’ll get to your asks as soon as I have a little bit of respite!

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[could've] used Cornell Note-taking method


Tip #005:
Utilize a Note-taking Method best incorporated in post-class review/debriefing.

LIFEHACKER highlights the Cornell Note-taking Method, also referenced in the supreme resource that is Mac Law Students, a law student’s blog on the productive life of successful law…

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Rewriting your notes in their entirety is a waste of time.


I know that. That’s one of the first things you will read when you look up study tips. (Ironically, it’s nearly a mandatory suggestion on the part of my cell and molec professor…) It is extremely time consuming. I get that. Trust me.

I’m just in a predicament. For two key reasons:

  • My…